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Regulatory Affairs Committee

The Regulatory Affairs Committee consists of the General Manager and two Commissioners.

General Manager: Jacqueline Zipkin
Commissioners: Ralph Johnson (Chair)
  Pauline Cutter












The duties of the Regulatory Affairs Committee include:


- Review regulations and legislation on a State and Federal level relative to all regulatory issues affecting the Authority and the Member Agencies. - Assist in development of comments on proposed regulations and legislation.

- Review and recommend policy decisions for compliance.

- Review results of effluent monitoring recommendations of consultant and staff, requirements of regulatory agencies.

- Monitor and advise staff regarding coordination and participation in the Aquatic Habitat Institute, the Bay Area Dischargers Association, and other environmental and water quality organizations in and about San Francisco Bay.

- Represent the Commission at hearings of the RWQCB regarding discharge monitoring requirements and NPDES Permit amendments.

- Review and recommend policy decisions regarding EBDA's role in controlling or mitigating any adverse environmental effect resulting in EBDA service area.

- Review and recommend policy decisions regarding the role of EBDA in water recycling, master plans, conservation of water, specific projects, funding, pricing, schedule, and terms of interagency agreements.

- Review and recommend appropriate Joint Powers Agreement amendments to implement projects.

- Serve as policy liaison with other public agencies involved in water recycling projects.


See the Commission Calendar for Regulatory Affairs Committee meeting dates and times. 

Members of the public are invited to attend Committee Meetings. Committee agendas are included in the Commission agenda packet and can be viewed or downloaded by clicking the "Commission" tab, then "Agendas," choose the date and click "Download Agenda."

Click for a copy of the Brown Act Revised April 2016.