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Welcome to East Bay Dischargers Authority

East Bay Dischargers (EBDA) is a Joint Powers Agency consisting of five local agencies. EBDA was formed to collectively manage the wastewater treatment and disposal of these agencies.

EBDA serves a population of 800,000 and also provides service to Pleasanton, Dublin, and Livermore through an agreement with Livermore-Amador Valley Water Management Agency (LAVWMA).

East Bay Dischargers Authority (EBDA) was formed on February 15, 1974, by a "Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement" entered into by the City of Hayward, City of San Leandro, Oro Loma Sanitary District, Union Sanitary District, and Castro Valley Sanitary District. EBDA operates under a Commission consisting of one representative appointed by each member agency. EBDA's staff includes the General Manager, Operations & Maintenance Manager, and Administrative Assistant. Additionally, EBDA hires an outside accountant to reconcile its monthly accounts and to prepare its financial documents.

The purpose of EBDA is to provide for the "more efficient disposal of wastewater produced in each Member Agency, all to the economic and financial advantage of each Agency and otherwise for the benefit of each Agency; and each of the Agencies is willing to plan with the other Agencies for joint wastewater facilities which will protect all of the Agencies."

New at EBDA
  1. Please note EBDA is issuing Addendum 2 for the following reason: Updating the bid documents with the latest version of the electrical drawings it was missing Drawing E006.  There are also printing errors with the .pdf drawings for “special characters”, mainly noticeable on the single lines (this happens for some reason when the .pdf documents are “minimized” within Adobe).

  2. The East Bay Dischargers Authority is inviting companies to submit quotes for the HEPS MCC Replacement Project. Please see Volumes 1 and 2 for project details.

    Volume 1 has an addendum that was missing section 00010.