EBDA operates under a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit issued by the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Date Title File
2021-01-30 Annual NPDES Report 2020 Download
2020-01-30 Annual NPDES Report 2019 Download
2019-01-30 Annual NPDES Report 2018 Download
2018-01-30 Annual NPDES Report 2017 Download
2017-01-30 Annual NPDES Report 2016 Download


The East Bay Dischargers Authority adopts an annual fiscal year budget to accomplish our mission of sustainably discharging wastewater to the Bay while meeting state and federal water quality standards. Funds are contributed by each of EBDA’s Member Agencies in proportion to the flow they send through the system.

Date Title File
2021-07-01 Reimbursement Report Download
2021-05-20 Budget 2021-2022 Download
2021-05-20 Employee Compensation Plan Download
2020-12-03 Financial Report 2020 Download
2020-06-18 Compensation Plan Fiscal Year 2020_2021 Download


The East Bay Dischargers Authority was created by a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement, also known as a JPA. EBDA’s current JPA will expire on June 30, 2020, and a new Amended and Restated JPA will take effect July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2040.

Date Title File
2020-11-19 Personnel Policy Download
2020-01-09 Amended and Restated Joint Powers Agreement Download
2020-01-01 EBDA 4th Amended JPA Download
2019-11-30 1.1-Finance – Investment Policy Download
2019-11-29 1.2 Finance – OPEB Policy Download

Studies and Reports

Date Title File
2018-05-03 EBDA Hydraulic Study 2018 Download
2015-08-03 EBDA Climate Ready Final Report – August 2015 Download